Autor: StephanGoebel

Upcoming: Challenge Mode

QB will get its next content update. The Challenge Mode presents experienced players with a great challenge. With just one try, you have to master a certain number of levels. The first mistake says: Goodbye! The mode is aimed at players who have already completed the game and collected numerous stars. It forces the player […]

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Out Now: Update 1.2.0

The Content Update 1.2.0 brings you 10 level with a „new“ cube to complete the „Through the Darkness“ – Extension. On top there comes a new progress system which let you unlock stages (10 levels) with collected stars. So if you get stuck on one level, you can now easily switch to another and return […]

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Out Now: Update 1.1.0

It’s update time. With version 1.1.0 comes the free „Through the darkness“ extension with 10 new levels and a fresh new cube. Get it now!

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